This new blog is not a blog but 50 blogs in one. It has many pages…    I admit that it's a bit crazy, but I can't find anything better to light up or intensify in those who have the courage to read me a few sparks of the immense energy that emanates from the gospels of Jesus. Energy, as we know, does not fragment. It passes through tombs, through walls, through data, notions, plans and specifications. It goes beyond speeches, words, laws, rules. It crosses what is already built and goes beyond the reasonable, the well-polished, and the well-ordered. Nothing stops it. This is why what matters in this blog is the overall movement and not the number of pages. What counts is the ball flying in the wind, and not primarily the marks and boundaries of the playing field. This blog is titled: Jesus, a man of risks . It could as well be called: Jesus at loggerheads with the Dinosaurs . Or: A Jesus according to the “new paradigm” of a world that is moving further away from the geogr